About Us

About Us

What is Fúmée Perfume & Cosmetics?

In 1992, CPS GmbH (Féline) was founded in Germany, supplying more and more distributors over the years and becoming an important part of this industry.

Walter Rauch, a trained retail salesman, became aware of this distribution concept in 1995 and became a very successful sales partner. He was able to expand his team more and more and achieved great success in sales, which of course was also contributed by his large customer base!

After several years of self-employment, Walter Rauch had the opportunity to work in the management of a European corporation and gained valuable experience in a leading position.

In 2012, the managing director of Féline GmbH retired.
That was the beginning of the brand Fúmée!
French for "smoke"

Walter Rauch took over the company and relocated it to the southwestern Styria region in winter 2012/13.

Since 2013, based on years of experience, a company has been built that is represented in many countries in Europe and beyond. Numerous people work as independent sales partners and can impress their customers with the quality of the products and their affordable prices. The exceptional bonus program also impresses many people who choose the Fúmée brand.

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