Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

The new Fúmée "Do it Yourself" cosmetic series offers a sustainable way to conveniently produce high-quality skincare products at home. The concept is based on a basic emulsion that can be combined with four different shots to meet the individual needs of the skin.

The base emulsion forms the foundation and can be supplemented with the shots that target specific skin requirements. In the catalog, you can find a variety of applications and recipes.

With this series, one can customize and personalize their own cosmetics by combining the base emulsion with the shots to create a tailored skincare. The DIY aspects allow greater control over the ingredients and promote sustainability by reducing packaging waste.

Possible Applications
  • Pure as serum.
  • Combined with the pure DIY base emulsion or your own day/night care.
  • Pre-mixed in stock as DIY individual care (DIY base emulsion + active ingredient shots).
Basic emulsion as a base:

Anhydrous emulsion piece that turns into a cream, lotion or fluid by simply stirring with hot water.
With nourishing organic almond butter, sunflower oil, sustainably sourced rapeseed wax.
Gently cares for the skin, leaves a smooth skin feeling.
Richness and viscosity are individually determined by the amount of hot water.

Our shots for the different skin types:

Our quickly absorbing, lightly cooling shot with a silky residue is a true miracle cure for dry and mature skin, as well as an excellent eye care product.
Unfolds a smoothing and plumping effect that can minimize fine lines.


This shot intensively nourishes the skin by forming a protective lipid film. It is extremely economical, easy to apply and leaves a velvety nourishing residue that gives a sense of well-being.
Specially developed for the care of dry and cracked skin, it contains high-quality, well-tolerated organic oils from Europe.


This shot counteracts premature skin aging caused by free radicals and preserves the skin's moisture.
The highly efficient synergy of the antioxidants astaxanthin (carotenoids) and vitamin E is the secret behind this protective care. It reduces the harmful effects of excessive UV radiation.


With an impressive concentration of 5% Belides ORG, derived from organic daisies, this product brings nature into your skincare. Belides ORG not only gives your skin more radiance, but also makes your complexion glow.
The formula balances the skin tone and enhances the skin's light transmittance, resulting in natural brightening. This natural ingredient not only protects against dryness, but also offers a skin-brightening effect for a fresh and radiant complexion.

Es können 2, 3 oder alle 4 Shots kombiniert werden.

*Die genauen Mengenangaben sind im Katalog zu finden.

Wie stelle ich meine Produkte her?
Step 1

Break off a portion of the basic emulsion, chop it up with a clean knife, and put it into a clean container.

Step 2

Add the desired amount of boiling hot water.

Step 3

Stir with a clean spatula, a whisk or a fork on a hot plate until there are no more little pieces left. If the product does not dissolve completely, the product can be heated in the microwave (be careful not to make it too hot, just a few seconds!).

Step 4

Remove from the heating plate and continue stirring until the room temperature - making sure that as little air as possible is incorporated. The liquid gradually thickens and reaches its final consistency.

Step 5

The active ingredient shots can be added and stirred in at this point.

Step 6

The finished care product can be filled into the clean packaging with the help of a clean spatula/spoon.

Step 7

Write down the date of manufacture and the expiry date carefully (use within a maximum of 8 weeks).

Step 8

Enjoy your Fumée DIY care.